The Minister of Justice, H.E. Bekir BOZDAĞ, as the invited guest of Lord Chancellor of the United Kingdom, Chris Grayling, paid a visit to London on 23-25 February 2015  to attend the "Global Law Summit" in celebration of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

H.E. Bozdağ was accompanied by the members of the Parliamentary Justice Commission, Erzurum deputy Oktay Öztürk, Yozgat deputy Yusuf Başer, Nevşehir deputy Murat Göktürk and Sakarya deputy Ali İhsan Yavuz as well as Deputy General Director of the Directorate General for International Law and Foreign Relations Harun Mert, Rapporteur Judge Mustafa Burak Çil, Deputy Secretary General of High Council of Judges and Prosecutors Serdar Mutta, Head of Department of Directorate General for Legislation Ali Murat Nas and Legal Counsellor to the Turkish Embassy in London Dr. Ömer Faruk Altıntaş.

H.E. Bozdağ had bilateral meetings with Director of Crown Prosecution Services Alison Saunders, Minister of Justice of Romania Robert Cazanciuc and Attorney General of Kazakhstan  Askhat Daulbayev and delivered a speech in the panel titled "Magna Carta and Counter-Terrorism".

H.E. Bozdağ and the Turkish delegation visited the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. Lady Justice Arden, Head of International Judicial Relations for England and Wales and Lord Justice Vos, Head of European Networks of Councils for the Judiciary provided information on the judicial system of England to the delegation. Following a visit to the Supreme Court of England, a meeting was held with Sir Alan Beith, chairman of the Justice Committee of the House of Commons and the Liaison Committee..

H.E. Bozdağ visited several Turkish associations and foundations during his stay in London. He also attended the question and answer session organized with the members of Turkish Non-Governmental Organizations in Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Cultural Centre.

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