The Minister of Justice, Mr. Bekir BOZDAĞ, made a speech in the meeting of “Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security” within the scope of the 62nd Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Istanbul.

Mr. BOZDAĞ mentioned about current legal issues of Turkey in his speech.

Mr. BOZDAĞ stated that as the members of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), who challenged and did not show respect to the judiciary, failed to respond summons and give statement, the subpoena about them was issued, which was lawful. He also stated that the recent amendment in Turkish Penal Code would definitely not introduce an amnesty for rapists, the elements of the offence would not be changed and there would be no reduction of punishments. This was only a step towards resolving current and deep social problems.

Mr. BOZDAĞ continued his speech that our soldiers did not only consist of the ones, who were the members of FETO terrorist organization, and our soldiers and generals were as highly-qualified as the ones in NATO in terms of qualification. He also mentioned about the reasons for the dismissal of public officers, death penalty, state of emergency, positive developments related with the prevention of violence against women, counter-terrorism and investigations related with terrorism. Mr. BOZDAĞ also added that some municipalities were funneling state funds to the terrorist organization and there would not be any justification about the coup attempt made by FETO.

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