The aims and targets of our General Directorate based on the 2009 – 2014 Strategic Plan of our Ministry prepared in the scope of the Public Finance Management and Control Law numbered 5018 are as follows:

AIM 1 Enhancing the institutional efficiency and capacity on international judicial cooperation and human rights
Target 1 Creating the establishment of communication magistracy in the countries with which we have the most judicial relations in four years

Target 2 Becoming a party to many more bilateral and multilateral agreements in five years in order to increase the mutual cooperation

AIM 2 Increasing the capacity of the human resources of out General Directorate both in quality and quantity
Target 1 In five years, building the capacity of all of the judges of our General Directorate by benefiting from the abroad internship and training opportunities at least for six months.

Target 2 In five years, sending all of the personnel holding chief or branch manager position in our General Directorate abroad for a short term to build capacity and gain experience.

Target 3 Giving in service training to all of the personnel of our General Directorate concerning their own positions in three years

AIM 3 Increasing the service quality rendered by our General Directorate.
Target 1 In order to facilitate the access to the information and increase the awareness, establishing electronic library in our General Directorate in three years.

Target 2 Providing access facilities to the other electronic libraries in two years.

Target 3 Making the required changes on UYAP in a year in order to receive statistics aimed at providing detailed and accurate information concerning the activities of our General Directorate or writing an independent software to enable thereof.

Target 4 Updating the web site of our General Directorate in a year in a way to enable more efficient us.

AIM 4 Simplifying the work flows, reducing the error rates and increasing the efficiency.
Target 1 In a year making out the error statistics and preventing the error repeats, cost and labor loss by sharing these statistics with the provincial organization.

Target 2 Review of the work flows and carrying out a study concerning the automation of the processes which repeat in the work flows

Target 3 Collecting the opinions of our General Directorate in an electronic environment and enabling the access of the judges of our General Directorate

Target 4 Assigning the communication prosecutors who will help forwarding and executing the requests for judicial assistance at the High Criminal Chief Public Prosecutor’s Offices and giving regular trainings to them


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