The functions of our General Directorate are arranged under the article 13/A of the Law on Acceptance and Change of the Decree Law Concerning the Establishment and Functions of the Ministry of Justice numbered 2992.

Accordingly, reserving the functions and competences assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the functions are as follows:

  • Expressing opinion, concerning the international agreements and instruments, when necessary consulting the other relevant departments of the Ministry, participating in the ongoing practices and discussions, having these agreements and instruments translated into Turkish, compiling, achieving and forwarding thereof to the relevant institutions and departments;
  • Assisting to provide information and documents to the judicial authorities concerning the offences committed abroad and falling within the scope of Turkish  jurisdiction;
  • Conducting the proceedings of international judicial assistance on civil and criminal matters and service of documents, rogatory, extradition, transfer of the convicts and transfer of the prosecutions;
  • Conducting the relevant occupations and proceedings concerning the international agreements on maintenance;
  • Conducting the activities of the Ministry related to the international institutions;
  • Monitoring the developments on international law and human rights, participating in the practices on these subjects, informing the relevant institutions and departments in order to implement these developments in the domestic law;
  • Providing information and documents for the defenses against the applications made to the European Court of Human Rights against the State of the Republic of Turkey, when necessary assigning and sending representatives to the sessions;
  • Carrying out the proceedings related to the domestic and abroad trainings of the personnel on the subjects coming under its functions;
  • Forwarding the reports drawn up concerning the participated abroad activities to the related departments of the Ministry and other related institutions;
  • Preparing and following up regulations and bylaws on the subjects coming under its functions, expressing opinion and preparing circular on the subjects which do not come under its jurisdictions;
Conducting the other assignments in accordance with the Legislation and given by The Ministry.


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