General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations which conducts the relations between Republic of Turkey and other states and international organizations and institutions on the subjects within the scope of the duty of our Ministry continued its activities on judicial matters under General Directorate of Legal Affairs and on criminal matters under General Directorate of Criminal Affairs until 1993.

Our General Directorate was established by the Decree Law dated 18 August 1993 and numbered 520, however, as a result of the abolishing the Empowering Act numbered 3911 which constituted the base of the Decree Law by the Constitutional Court, the establishment act could not be enacted until 2001 when Grand National Assembly of Turkey adopted the establishing law of our General Directorate which was prepared once again. Moreover the establishment of our General Directorate was legislated within the frame of “The Law on Acceptance and Change of the Decree Law Concerning the Establishment and Functions of the Ministry of Justice and the Law on Changing the Schedules Attachments of Decree Law Concerning the General Personnel and Principles”.

General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations was created by changing the sub-paragraph (f) of article 8 of the Law dated 29.03.1984 and numbered 2992 by the article 1 of the mentioned law and also by the article 3, the General Directorate was rearranged together with the title of article 13/A of the Law numbered 2992 which was abolished by the Constitutional Court.

Our General Directorate was ranked among the Main Service Departments of our Ministry under the article 9 of the same Law.

In accordance with this, the duties of our General Directorate have been reestablished reserving the functions and competences assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Laws numbered 244 and 1173.

In General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations respectively Turgut Aydın (1993-1996), Turgay Yücel (1996-1998), Dr. Şeref Ünal (1998-1999), Cenk Alp Durak (1999-2001), Abdülkadir Kaya (2001-2004), Aykut Kılıç (2004-2008), Ahmet Fırat (2008-2011) worked as Director General. Dr. Nurdan Okur is currently holds the position of Director General.

Our General Directorate undertakes the activities of conducting the proceedings on criminal, judicial and human rights issues which have increased in recent years, according to the contemporary standards, by the personnel who are expert in their own branches and know foreign languages within framework of rational and prospective plans and programs.

General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations not only connects Our Ministry with international organizations and but also carries out the mutual judicial cooperation with foreign countries. Besides it performs an important duty as the window of our justice organization opening to the world.
Moreover, it participates actively in the preparation of the bilateral and multilateral international agreements on a wide range of subjects included in the function field and of the cooperation protocols between the Ministries of Justice. In parallel with the increasing significance of our country in the international area in recent years, the organization of the mutual visits both in Ministerial level and technical delegational level also constitutes another function of our Ministry which gains importance.

In order to fight effectively against terrorism and organized crimes by eliminating the problems on the areas of international judicial cooperation and extradition, our General Directorate continuous the beneficial and productive cooperation which has increased in recent years with both the relevant departments of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior Affairs and the central authorities of respondent foreign countries.




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