The proceedings of extradition are executed in accordance with the bilateral agreements on extradition or the provisions of “European Convention on Extradition”.
After the extradition documents prepared in order to extradite the suspect, accused or convicts fled abroad while being wanted by our judicial authorities from the country where they are present are examined then they are submitted to the foreign authorities.
In the same way, the extradition documents prepared by foreign judicial authorities in order to extradite the suspect, accused or convicts who are not Turkish nationals are examined and the requests concerning this issue are ensured to be fulfilled.
The required attempts are taken in the presence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to ensure the search in the international level of the persons who are abroad but could not be defined in which country they are for the purpose of their extradition. These attempts include issuing “Red Notice” (International Arrest Warrant) which has 5 years of validity by the General Secretariat of Interpol and issuing “diffusion message” which has 1 year of validity so as not to give rise to any delays until the Red Notice is issued.
On the other hand, an assessment is made by our General Directorate whether the person about whom Red Notice or diffusion message has been issued based on the request of the foreign judicial authorities shall be searched or not for the purpose of extradition.
Proceedings of foreign national concern the foreign nationals who are detained and released because of the offences which they have committed in our country.

The Transfer of the Convicts Desk:
The proceedings required for the execution of the remaining sentence of the Turkish nationals who have committed an offence and been convicted to a deprivation the liberty sentence in a foreign country are carried out by our General Directorate in accordance with the provisions of the relevant agreements.(under the Law numbered 3002).

Foreign National Desk:
Information related to those who are arrested by our country’s legal authorities for an offence and released are recorded in this office and they are transmitted to Ministry of Foreign Relations and relevant institutions.
Under the governance of Deputy Director General, Head of Department and Rapporteur Judge; the bureau of extradition and transfer of the convicts is consisted of one Branch Manager, one chief officer and seven civil officers.



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