General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations of our Ministry functions as “central authority” through Chief Public Prosecutor’s Offices. Chief Public Prosecutor’s Offices act in two-way as

  • “sending authority” in the maintenance proceedings of which creditor is in Turkey and debtor is in foreign countries,
  • “intermediary” in the maintenance proceedings of which creditor is in foreign countries and debtor is in Turkey.

The purpose of the Conventions to which our country is a party and which concerns the recovery of the maintenance receivables from the foreign countries is to recover the maintenance receivables of the maintenance creditor who generally lacks financial opportunities from the debtor who domiciles in a foreign country. The application procedures and detailed information on the subject is defined in the Circular dated 16.11.2011 and numbered 6412.

Under the governance of Deputy Director General, Head of Department and Rapporteur Judge; the bureau of maintenance is consisted of one branch manager and three civil officers.



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