This desk was established in 2012 after a cooperation protocol was signed between Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Relations on 12 April 2012.
According to cooperation protocol signed between Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Relations, this desk:

  1. Contributes to conducting of the services and operations in foreign countries mentioned in the objectives section of Law no 2992 concerning the Organization and Functions of Ministry of Justice,
  2. Helps carrying out international judicial cooperation in legal and criminal matters effectively, healthily and swiftly with the country where the legal consultants are employed;
  3. Represents Ministry of Justice in the bilateral and multilateral international meetings organized in the area of justice in the countries where they are employed,
  4. Promotes strengthening and development of cooperation between both countries’ Ministry of Justice and legal institutions of two countries.
  5. Follows closely relevant international legislation which concerns Turkey and informs Ministry of Justice of latest developments;
  6. Joins the meetings and activities of international organizations about the issues which fall in the scope of duties of Ministry of Justice and concern justice system, particularly rule of law and human rights, suppressing offence, international judicial cooperation; follow these events and report them to central authority.
  7. Contributes to informing of international organizations and other relevant institutions of developments in our legal system.
  8. Organizes meetings in order to inform our citizens living the country about their legal rights in coordination with our Embassies and Consulates General.
  9. Provides consultancy services to employers of representative agency in terms of notary, legal and administrative notification etc., legal and judicial proceedings.
  10. Performs other tasks given by Ministry of Justice
On the other hand, in terms of legal consultants whom are appointed at our Permanent Representatives in Council of Europe, UN, Organization For Security And Co-Operation In Europe, it is considered to be suitable that above mentioned definition of duty will be limited to area of duty of organizations where they are assigned.


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