In the 1st paragraph of article 252 of Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237, it is stated that the official who recives bribe and bribe giver shall be sentenced to a penalty of imprisonment for a term of four years to twelve years. On condition that a person who receives a bribe, or agrees to such, is a person in a judicial capacity, an arbitrator, an expert witness, a public notary or a professional financial auditor, the penalty to be imposed according to section one shall be increased by between one third and one half.

Apart from this punishment, as per article 54 and 55 of Turkish Penal Code, material gain obtained through the

commission of an offence, or forming the subject of an offence or obtained for the commission of an offence and the economic earnings obtained as a result of its investment or conversion shall be confiscated. Confiscation under this section should only be ordered on condition that the money or other gains should have been given or the sender should have sent them for the purpose of transporting. Otherwise, should there was an agreement between the person and offial but the bribe was not still given, the money and other gains shall be confiscated.


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