It is of significant importance for the international combating corruption to comply with the provisions of OECD Anti – Bribery Convention and to implement these provisions in an efficient way. All of the State Parties of the Convention is liable to govern the bribery of foreign public officials as an offence in their legislations and also to comply with and implement the provisions of this Convention in the fight against this offence.

This Convention provides for prevention of giving bribe to a foreign public official and, within this framework, to sentence the persons who give bribe to foreign public officials in the course of commercial relations for their acts in the countries of which they are citizens. In accordance with this Convention, a Working Group on Bribery (WGB) has been established and this Working Group consisting of the representatives of State Parties has started to examine the legislations and administrative and judicial regulations of the State Parties concerning the bribery so as to supervise the implementation of the Convention.

The States which sign and ratify the Convention accept that they are a part of this examination process. Compliance with the Convention has become a significant indicator for the prestige of the country in the international arena and for the perception of corruption of the country. In addition to the implementations, it is really important to transmit the implementation to the authorities. Unless this is accomplished, the country is reflected worse than the actual in the evaluation reports and it is seen in a place in the international arena which it does not deserve.

STATE PARTIES--- http://www.oecd.org/daf/anti-bribery/countryreportsontheimplementationoftheoecdanti-briberyconvention.htm
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