The First Interinstitutional Meeting

Within the framework of (OECD) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and within the scope of “Convention on Fight against Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions” to which our country is a party; the first interinstitutional meeting was held on 19th March 2013 at Ankara judges’ guest house by General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations on behalf of our Ministry which is the coordination unit of county inspections coordinated by OECDR Working Group on Bribery.

Head of Department Faris Karak and Rapporteur Judge Hatice Seval Arslan, Elif Özalp ve Mehmet Özdemir from General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relations and representatives of many agencies and institutions which are concerned with suggestions of OECD participated the meeting.

In the meeting; matters that are to be dealt with in the scope of 3rd Level Inspection of Turkey OECD Working Group on Bribery were touched upon and opinions related to developments dated from 2nd Level Inspection and preparations for 3rd Level Inspection were shared.

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